This page is official Dragon Ball Z Fan Fiction Wiki policy.


  • LBGT characters are allowed.
  • LBGT romances are allowed.
  • No women or men being positioned in seductive or inappropriate manner i.e. "Dropping it like its hot".
  • Canon Characters aren't allowed (meaning Z-fighters which includes Vegeta).
  • Articles must meet overall wiki standard i.e. the articles can't be a bunch of clattered shit.
  • No editting someone elses article unless you have permission.
  • No violation of Wikia Rules and Policy.
  • No blatant or accidental OP during Roleplays of any kind.
  • One Year Anniversay of Wikia's creation will result in Admin Vote.
  • Have fun.
  • Oh, by the way; defying these rules will lead to that user being given 48 hours of leniency before that article is retracted/banned etc.